PigalleRecords was founded by guitarists Reinier Voet and Jan Brouwer. Two active musicians in the so called Django Reinhardt style.

Both did their fair share of playing since as worked and recorded with gypsy jazz players like Fapy Lafertin, Jimmy and Stochelo Rosenberg and Robin Nolan.

PigalleRecords was first established to release the cds of Reinier and Jan's band Pigalle44. The first PigalleRecords cd was entitled "Our Gypsy Rhapsody" and released in 2000.

The catalolgue now excists of 5 titles. Either totally autoproduced or in co-operation with Hot Club Records (Norway) and Djaz Records (France)

Material released on PigalleRecords cd has been used in various compilation cds.

Future efforts
PigalleRecords is planning to be releasing more cd's the next few years, featuring several (inter)national guests